26 May, 2023

Lab Grown Diamonds can be the part of your legacy as a responsible choice

As the world is leading toward a green solution to almost everything, likewise the diamond industry is moving towards more sustainable alternatives too. Though the market is devoid of the various benefits and information about the Lab Grown Diamonds. Additionally, one of the most asked questions about Lab Grown Diamonds is their durability. Will these diamonds last forever analogous to mined diamonds? Here in this article, we will address this very question and provide an explicitly clear explanation.

Lab Grown Diamonds are as hard as the mined ones

Though Lab Grown Diamonds are manufactured in labs, their hardness is as similar to the mined ones. Natural diamonds are the hardest material on Earth and take pride in saying that lab grown diamonds have the same hardness when measured. Natural diamonds have 10 Moh and so do the Lab Grown Diamonds. Because of this property, it is almost impossible to break and it can be stored for a longer period. Henceforth Lab Grown Diamonds are the best choice for your utility.

Lab Grown Diamonds have the same chemical composition as natural ones

Mined diamonds are natural creations while Lab Grown Diamonds are grown and manufactured in labs. The process is replicated in the lab to create Lab Grown Diamonds. Eventually, we can say that they have the same chemical composition as natural diamonds. Lab Grown Diamonds are synthesized in labs and are pure carbon crystallized in an isotropic 3D form. In fact, they are 100% pure crystallized carbon. Accordingly, they are as similar to mined diamonds in terms of appearance and chemical properties.

Lab Grown Diamonds don’t fade or get dull over time

Diamonds created in the lab go through a complex process. They are created chemically in a closed chamber. The synthesis of these diamonds includes two methods. First is HPHT that is, high pressure and high temperature, and second is CVD, the Carbon vapor deposition method which gives CVD diamonds. Both these methods involve a mixture of methane and hydrogen gas in a closed chamber. Subsequently, a diamond grows in a seed crystal over a while. As these processes involve all the qualities that resist dullness and fading, Lab Grown Diamonds don’t fade or get dull over time.

Why Lab Grown Diamonds are the responsible choice than mined

If we talk about sustainability, Lab Grown Diamonds are the most sustainable than mined diamonds. Mined Diamonds are extracted from the core of the Earth, disrupting natural resources. Data says, for every carat of diamond that is mined from Earth, nearly 100 square feet of land is disrupted and more than 5798 pounds of mineral waste is created. Due to this, it creates biodiversity disorder and the lands become infertile and unusable. It should be noted that the land gets unusable even if the mining is done once.

As the population is increasing the demand for luxury diamonds is increasing more and more mining is done across the globe disrupting nature. This especially concerns soil erosion, forced migration, deforestation, and animal species endangerment and ultimately disbalancing the environmental biodiversity.

Diamond mining companies have the potential to divert rivers or build dams to discover wealth under the riverbed. This step destabilizes the entire ecosystem. Animals and humans (especially farmers) have relied on these waterways for thousands of years, and when the water disappears, they have to look elsewhere for survival and maintenance. Open-pit mining is by far the most threatening of all mining strategies. After the diamond supply is depleted from the fertile land, the land is left for nothingness.

When moving to Lab Grown Diamonds, it eliminates all the mining processes and the same process is replicated in labs. Due to this, it is free from any environmental disruptions. And for every carat, more than 5798 pounds of mineral waste is saved only by a change in your choice.