About Us

Welcome to our Maitri Lab Grown Diamond

where innovation and excellence meet to redefine the world of diamonds

About Us :

With the objective to offer an exquisite diamond collection at an affordable price, meeting the ethical and ecological needs of the hour, Maitri Lab Grown Diamonds was born in 2012. The dull behind the sparkle of a diamond is very dark. With humanitarian and environmental conflicts, mined diamonds needed a modern alternative offering the same quality. Modern-day technologies coupled with a vision to offer conflict-free diamonds gave rise to Maitri Lab Grown Diamonds.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to revolutionize the diamond industry by creating innovative, high-quality lab-grown diamonds and becoming the leading grower & manufacturer of lab grown diamonds. Our Vision is to revolutionize the fine jewelry industry with innovative, eco-friendly diamonds that are more accessible and affordable for everyone.

Our Vision:

We are committed to decreasing carbon footprints by offering an alternative to traditional diamond production while creating a stunning, guilt-free glamorous look. We strive to make diamonds the statement piece of everyone's jewelry collection without compromising on quality or compromising the environment.