26 May, 2023

Choose the right shape of diamond for you.

Diamond is one of the luxurious commodities that everyone desires. So, when the time comes to purchase a diamond, make sure that you choose the right one. To help you make the right choice, here is a guide to the different shapes of diamonds.


Princess cut is a contemporary cut, with angular, strong lines. It has a pyramidal shape, with four beveled sides that give a regal look.


Cushion-shaped diamonds have a visual similarity to round cut diamonds but are in a soft-cornered square shape just like the cushions.


The oval cut is a fancy shape that is a popular choice as it is quite durable and less prone to chipping with a stunning look.


The emerald cut is a rectangular shape that showcases the long internal steps, and it was originally referred to as the table cut.


The pear-shaped diamond is also known as the teardrop cut. Its unique shape with the tapering shape gives an elongated shape to the diamond.


The Asscher is an octagonal cut in a square shape. Asscher cuts are known for their windmill effects which are triangular facets that extend from each corner to the center of the stone.


Heart-shaped diamonds are truly unique as they have an exceptional look and they represent eternal love. Their charming style is highly appreciated.