26 May, 2023

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Lab Grown Diamonds over Mined Diamonds

The dilemma between Lab Grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds has been for a long time now. But here in this blog, we will try to lighten your dilemma about the same. Below are the top 5 reasons to choose Lab Grown Diamonds over Mined Diamonds.

Mined Diamonds can be used to fund Wars

Mined Diamonds behind their shine have darkness that is incomprehensive. And it is known as conflict diamonds. UN defines conflict diamonds as those diamonds mined and funded in an area controlled by an army that opposes the country’s legally and internationally recognized government. Diamonds are sold for military action. Rough diamonds mined in rebel areas were either sold directly to dealers or smuggled into neighbouring countries where they were matched with legally mined diamond stocks and then sold on the open market. Additionally, the capital gained from the sale of diamonds was used to buy arms and war material for rebel groups, some of whom were conducting extremely violent campaigns that inflicted great suffering on civilians.

History has seen some great destruction related to the same. Rebel groups from diamond-rich areas of their countries waged brutal civil wars in parts of West and Central Africa. Three specific conflicts in Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Sierra Leone have brought the world’s attention to the destructive role of diamonds.

Human Suffering is Ignored

When mining diamonds it takes a lot of manpower and amenities. Sometimes the area where mining is done induces forced labor. Take for example the diamond fields of Marange, East Zimbabwe. Residents living near the diamond fields have suffered forced labor, torture, and other ill-treatment. Protests by villagers against the alleged looting of diamond earnings by state-owned companies turned violent. Residents say security forces beat the women with batons, fired live ammunition in the air, and fired tear gas canisters, prompting the hospitalization of three children. Even due to the formulation of the Kimberley Process these ill practices are still prevailing in various parts of the world where mining is done.

It ensures environmental disruption

Natural diamonds are found beneath the Earth almost at the core. It causes a lot of waste and disrupts the ecological system. The ecological footprint that is left is very large and cannot be reversed. Animal habitat is destroyed which disbalances the ecosystem and the upcoming timeline can be even more suffering for the future generations. The earth no longer produces diamonds and humans have mined almost all of the diamonds generally available. This means mining companies are moving to more remote locations to find new diamond deposits, including in the ocean. This creates even more irreversible environmental destruction.

Lab Grown Diamonds are the Real Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds are synthesized in labs and are pure carbon in the crystallized form in the isometric cubic system. Both natural and Lab Grown Diamonds have the same chemical, optical and physical properties which rule out the major dissimilarity.

Additionally, Lab Grown Diamonds are proven to be the same as natural diamonds in every single way however most diamond alternatives are not. Alternatives like Cubic Zirconia and moissanite have their presence in the market and are loved by many but they don’t have the same optical, chemical and physical properties as a diamond, as a consequence, they are too less expensive.

Lab Grown Diamonds are Trendy and possess a unique style

Like mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds offer a variety of contemporary design options. Lab-grown diamonds are available in a variety of shapes and settings. You can choose more traditional shapes such as rounds, princesses, cushions, and ovals. If that doesn’t suit your style, you can also find diamonds grown in trendy-shaped labs such as marquise, pears, emeralds, hearts, asschers, and radiants. In terms of settings, lab-grown diamonds can be placed in any setting, offering a wide range of stylish options.

Lab Grown Diamonds are penetrating the youth and are becoming an increasingly popular choice. You can find the best diamond rings of your choice with a plethora of styles within your budget. Moreover, less expense can lead you to choose styles of your choice with customization which may not be possible in mined diamonds while buying your engagement ring.